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About Sisters Undercover

We’re the authors of the ebook, “15 Natural Remedies To Kick Your Cold Or Flu To The Curb!

Sisters Undercover has two meanings. First, our mission is to go “undercover” and put products, trends and recipes to the test! Most people think that if they see a label saying “organic”, “gluten free”, “health food” and “eco friendly” that they are eating healthy foods or using clean products. Sadly, most of the time, that is not the case. Our mission is to shed light on the good, expose the not so good and bring our life experience and journey into the mix here at Sisters Undercover.

Secondly, looking normal is our disguise. You see us at the grocery store. Out with friends and family. At school with our kids. Yet, we are battling life threatening illnesses and no one would ever know. Being “undercover” is what we do. It’s how we live.

We’re real. We’re on the path. We’re on the case. Come put on your fedora and let’s get our sleuthy on!


Meet Kara


In 2014 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. At that time I ate pretty healthy, bought mostly organic, ate many fruits and vegetables and my diet was balanced. We ate out maybe once a month, I didn’t buy too many processed foods and didn’t drink soda.

I never realized that what might be a balanced diet for someone else, may be totally wrong for me. As soon as I started eating cleaner, the better I felt. The more I started removing toxins from my environment, I felt even better still. Meditation, yoga and clean living have changed my quality of life and improved my health dramatically. Now I can be fully present and have the energy to fully participate in my family life.

I am a wife and a mom of two young boys. My young adult life was spent professionally dancing in movies, television and all over the world. These days I love cooking, reading, traveling, dancing in my family room and I half-homeschool my oldest.

Now, most days I have the energy needed to keep up with the boys and be an active participant in my life. Living cleaner has helped me achieve that. I can’t wait to share everything that I’ve learned so far and bring you all the new information that I find on my investigations!


Meet Kacy


I’m the younger sister but the Vet when it comes to Paleo/AIP and living with multiple chronic diseases. I have a list of diseases that would make you dizzy, so I will spare you! My “big ones” are Adrenal Insufficiency and Psoriatic Arthritis. All of my other ones, you will see me trickle out in my posts. Can someone say autoimmune disease magnet?

It has been over a dozen years since my battle with chronic illness began. I was just 23 when illness sidelined me. I spent 6 years roaming from doctor to doctor before my first illness was diagnosed.

Besides feeling that I should totally have a doctorate after a dozen years of research on getting better, I do have a life outside wellness. I am a mommy, although I’m starting to grow out of the mommy label and am just plain mom most of the time to my lovely daughter who is 8. I’m married to my hubs for 11 years. I’m truly blessed in that department.

I am passionate about helping people so they don’t feel that they have to reinvent the wheel on their own wellness journey.

An inside look: I actually fantasize about being a full-time, year round Secret Santa. I was a dancer for 17 years, so believe me when I say we get our dance parties on in the living room. I love intentional parenting and living. I love serving the Lord and His people. I love talking in weird accents, making up words and going on adventures when I feel up for it. Anything on the water has my name on it. I love to share. I love to paint for emotional expression. I love singing and am no good at it, but it hasn’t stopped me yet!